Technology Refresh

Technology Refresh

It’s the Circle of Life for your Tech Hardware

What is involved in a Technology Refresh?

Businesses refresh their systems to update their existing IT hardware and applications. It can also be the beginning point for a start-up company that needs a foundation to run their business. Whatever the case may be, implementing a complete network takes a proven strategy. There are five steps to follow when undertaking a technology refresh project:

  • Evaluation & Planning
  • Network Design
  • Installation & Testing
  • User Training
  • Final Debrief
  • Ongoing Support

When should I start planning a Technology Refresh?

Plan to refresh your servers, network switches, and firewall devices on the fifth year. After five years, hardware is generally no longer supported by the manufacturer. Hence the replacement parts are hard to find. This causes more disruptions and even downtime for your business. When it comes to PC’s the refresh cycle is shorter, about three years. As technology advances, new applications are requiring more and more resources. The older computers can’t handle the demands and as a result, performance drops. Make sure you plan ahead for your next refresh.

I do not need a full refresh. Do you support smaller projects?

Yes. Do you only need to improve your network security? Do you need to install a new business application? Or do you need to set up wireless access in your office? Whatever the case may be, ATECHSO can help your business with all aspects of your technology. Our priority is to provide quality service within your budget and finish your project on time.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My business requires dependable, state of the art VOIP phone and IT systems. I don’t want to worry about my company’s infrastructure and simply cannot afford down time. They are not the lowest priced IT support, but it is money well spent because I am taken care of no matter what may happen. ATECHSO has…

Tony Henkel President KSR Associates, LLC

Considering a new implementation?

A successful refresh project starts with careful planning and design. We will take the time to learn how your business may look in the future so we build a solution fit for you. Contact us today and leverage our experience to execute your next project.

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