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Plan, deploy, optimize and manage your complex Microsoft Exchange solution.

The need for a reliable, scalable, available and security-rich IT infrastructure has never been more vital to the success of your organization. Our broad range of services can help you optimize your IT investments, improve performance, achieve availability objectives and avoid costly problems.

An increasing number of businesses today regard messaging systems as mission-critical systems. Therefore, companies have strict reliability and availability requirements for their e-mail systems. Equally important is the heightened demand for new messaging system features. An increasingly mobile work force and more geographically dispersed businesses mean that user requirements are continually evolving. These factors place demands on information technology (IT) managers and system architects, who are charged with designing highly reliable and consistently available messaging systems that meet users' needs.

ATECHSO can help plan, deploy, optimize and manage your complex microsoft exchange solution. We can provide the expertise to help you secure the best microsoft exchange solution for your company. Whether it's a single server solution or a detailed integrated, multi-vendor solution, we can make it happen for you.


  • Planning Your Deployment
  • Planning Your Server and Storage Architecture
  • Planning for a Simple Exchange Organization
  • Planning for a Standard Exchange Organization
  • Planning for a Large Exchange Organization
  • Planning for a Complex Exchange Organization
  • Planning for Coexistence
  • Planning for Compliance
  • Planning Active Directory
  • Planning to Use Active Directory Sites for Routing Mail
  • Planning for Anti-Spam & Antivirus Features
  • Planning for Domain Security
  • Permission Considerations
  • Planning for Address Rewriting
  • Deployment & Operations
  • Security & Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability

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ATECHSO systems are being designed around the core principles of collaboration, openness and virtualization; essential ingredients of the kind of integrated infrastructure that can move your business to the next generation of computing.

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