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Your number one source for moving or upgrading critical IT resources safely and economically.

Moving your data center can stop your business if not done correctly. Whether moving a single server across the hall or an entire data center across the country, we know exactly what it takes to discontinue, dismantle, pack up, reinstall, and get everything back up and running quickly, with minimal disruption. ATECHSO offers a total end-to-end relocation solution


  • Planning and coordinating the overall project, including site preparation and migration planning
  • Structuring solutions designed for maximum availability and minimal risk and downtime
  • Managing vendors, subcontractors, and movers, to help ensure the project stays on schedule and within budget
  • Arranging for heavy equipment, if necessary, to lift your equipment into place
  • Staying with the project as your facility is brought online
  • Engage ATECHSO as your single source, freeing up your internal resources to focus on your core business.

And, if you need to upgrade or modify your IT equipment Count on ATECHSO to manage the evolution of your IT infrastructure. We'll plan and implement a complete modification or upgrade to your systems - whether large, mid-range or desktop - as well as peripherals such as data storage devices and printers. We can service our equipment, as well as other manufacturers, using parts you provide at considerable cost savings to you. Before we call the project complete, we conduct thorough testing to ensure proper operation.


Why ATECHSO Systems

ATECHSO systems are being designed around the core principles of collaboration, openness and virtualization; essential ingredients of the kind of integrated infrastructure that can move your business to the next generation of computing.

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Technical Support:
Keeping your systems up and running is a necessity, ATECHSO technical support services can help.

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Innovation doesn’t just happen; you have to work towards it. ATECHSO systems and services offer you the tools you need to become a more collaborative, integrated company. Call us today and find out what ATECHSO can do for you.