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By choosing ATECHSO as your hosting provider, you are free to concentrate on what matters most: the long-term growth of your company.

Companies in today's changing business environment need to move swiftly to adapt to change, seize new opportunities and meet the demands for increased productivity and reduced costs. Similarly, as business workloads and requirements alter, you need the ability to match your computing resources to your current business needs. You need flexible, comprehensive access to information system operations to help your company continue to change while maintaining a competitive advantage. Choose the components your business needs.

ATECHSO Managed Hosting Services is designed to provide a tailored hosting solution to meet your needs. You choose the platform, the software, the usage level and degree of support that most closely matches your business needs. You determine the length of the commitment. Through it all, you retain control of your data, applications and system software.

By offering flexible service options, ATECHSO Managed Hosting Services provides a robust, secure, redundant, and cost-effective hosting solution to help meet changing business demands, sustain growth.

ATECHSO operates 12 data centers across United States. Our data centers are designed to be world class hosting facility, dedicated to uncompromised performance and security. ATECHSO data centers have been built using the latest design methodologies including zoned fire suppression, fully redundant power source, and zoned cooling. Combination of data center design and management best practices enable ATECHSO to provide its client with data center that is truly world class.


  • Our data centers are equipped with biometric and employee specific pass codes
  • All entry points are video recorded and archived
  • All off-site data storage is maintained in a fireproof data safe
  • Each data center is a separate fully managed environment
  • Modular design allows ATECHSO to modify each system capacity in moment’s notice
  • ATECHSO provide full server monitoring
  • Ongoing system management is provided 24/7
  • System alerts can be sent directly to clients via email, cell phone , etc.
  • ATECHSO also remote monitors each data center environmental conditions
  • Multiple providers and multiple network paths provide connection and bandwidth redundancy
  • Network level firewall
  • System Dedicated Firewall
  • Data centers have power redundancy from end to end
  • Redundant UPS, redundant power generators, and redundant power entry points
  • Diesel generators start automatically within seconds of power failure
  • Diesel generators testing on regular basis to ensure readiness if needed
  • Flexible in design and redundant cooling systems
  • Cooling systems tied with emergency generators and UPS systems
  • ATECHSO manufactures its own servers and maintains spare parts for onsite repair and replacement

World-class infrastructure managed by ATECHSO engineers, with a wide range of managed hosting service options designed to meet your unique needs. Give us a call today to find the hosting service that meets your business needs.


Why ATECHSO Systems

ATECHSO systems are being designed around the core principles of collaboration, openness and virtualization; essential ingredients of the kind of integrated infrastructure that can move your business to the next generation of computing.

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Innovation doesn’t just happen; you have to work towards it. ATECHSO systems and services offer you the tools you need to become a more collaborative, integrated company. Call us today and find out what ATECHSO can do for you.