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ATECHSO enterprise cloud gives you precise, dynamic, scalable computing with the performance and security to handle enterprise applications. Don’t build your application around the cloud, customize our cloud around your application.

ATECHSO has developed a growing portfolio of efficient cloud computing solutions to help you achieve a flexible IT infrastructure. Whether you’re taking an evolutionary approach through virtualization or a more revolutionary approach by building an IT infrastructure from scratch, ATECHSO can tailor a cloud solution specific to your needs. ATECHSO enterprise cloud solutions enable you to deploy and manage private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructures quickly, easily and successfully.


  • Reduce costs
  • Improve service delivery
  • Enable business innovation
  • Guaranteed performance
  • 24/7 managed security
  • 24/7 fully managed network
  • Service level agreement on uptime
  • Service level agreement on performance
  • Service level agreement on bandwidth
  • Upto 20TB of storage
  • Upto 64GB of memory
  • Upto 10Gbps bandwidth
  • Optional dedicated firewall port and policy
  • Firewall daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Standard service level agreement of 99.95%
  • Upgradable service level agreement of 99.99%

Why ATECHSO Systems

ATECHSO systems are being designed around the core principles of collaboration, openness and virtualization; essential ingredients of the kind of integrated infrastructure that can move your business to the next generation of computing.

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Technical Support:
Keeping your systems up and running is a necessity, ATECHSO technical support services can help.

Next Step

Innovation doesn’t just happen; you have to work towards it. ATECHSO systems and services offer you the tools you need to become a more collaborative, integrated company. Call us today and find out what ATECHSO can do for you.